Title: 1990-99 Nissan 300ZX Dash Board Wrap

Price: $105


1990-99 Nissan 300ZX Dash Board Wrap

Interior-Innovation is now offering 1990-1999 Nissan 300ZX dash board wrap in synthetic leather! The wrap is also available in genuine leather and nova-suede, comes with double top stitching in the color of your choice! We can also make matching wraps for your door panels and center console to match the stitching theme on the dash board.

The item doesn't come with any installation instructions, we recommend professional installation to get the best out of the cover but if you are a handy guy, you can do it too! Some basic installation steps are:

1) rough sand the dash board

2) Clean if properly then test fit the wrap. 

3) Use 3M 80/90 multipurpose adhesive spray thoroughly.

4) Let it sit for few minutes then install the wrap, keep the heat gun handy.

Thanks for looking!


Product Options:


Matching Center Console in Synthetic Leather Charge  $55

Genuine Leather Wrap Charge  $100

Matching Nova-Suede Center Console   $125

Matching Nova-Suede Door Panels (Full Door Panels)  $250

Matching Center Console in Leather  $75

Matching Door Panels in Leather (Top Portion only)  $125

Dash Wrap in Nova-Suede Charge  $150

Matching Door Panel in Synthetic Leather (Top Portion Only)  $80

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